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Get store when specified properties change


const { useSelector } = cervello({ example: true })


React hook that allows you to have a reactive store which re-renders when a the specified properties change.

If you have set a name for the store, the returned object property will be use{name}Selector

Input parameters

selectorsArray<string>RequiredArray of store properties to be watched
isEqualFunction(prev, curr) => booleanEquals comparison with JSON.stringifyCustom function to compare the new value with the old one
To consider

If you want to modify a property of the store, you need to use it without destructuring, like this:

const { useSelector } = cervello({ isActive: true })

const ExampleComponent = () => {
const store = useSelector(['isActive'])
return (
<button onClick={() => store.isActive = false}>
Set Active to false


import { useSelector } from './store-example'

const CounterLabel = () => {
* This will re-render just only when the property `count` changes
const { count } = useSelector(['count'])

return (<span>{ count }</span>)