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The cervello function allows you to create a new store in an easy way. Just set the initial value (the type will be inferred based on this value) and you have it

Options (optional)

reactiveNestedObjectsbooleantrueBy default, nested objects are proxied to allow reactivity on changes. Set to false if you want reactivity just on 1st-level object properties
(from v2)
string (camelCase)'store'Name of the store. It will be used to return the store object and the other hooks based on the name provided. name must be provided in camelCase


// store-example.ts

import { cervello } from '@cervello/react'

export const {
store, // Reactive store object
useStore, // Hook to use the store
useSelector, // Hook to use the selectors (part of the store)
reset, // Function to reset the store
} = cervello({ count: 0 })

* You can also use a function to initialize the store
* (i.e.: initialize the store from a persisted data)
const { store } = cervello(() => {
const count = getInitialCounter()
return { count }

Example with options

// store-example.ts

import { cervello } from '@cervello/react'

const options = {
reactiveNestedObjects: false,
name: 'redirectModal'

export const {
redirectModalStore, // Reactive store object
useRedirectModalStore, // Hook to use the store
useRedirectModalSelector, // Hook to use the selectors (part of the store)
resetRedirectModalStore, // Function to reset the store
} = cervello({
/** initial store */